Young Living

Part of my journey has been about wellness.  We are going crazy these days and very little of what any of us do is in effort to actively remain healthy.  I was introduced to Young Living in November 2014.  Initially I was skeptical – it’s true.  The scientist in me had to think through the values of aroma therapy, toxin reduction and mindful use of EVERYTHING I had grown to know and love.  There are SO many things we take for granted and SO many of them are NOT good for you.  PLEASE educate yourself!  Read, learn and grow!

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In March 2015 I bought my starter kit and by May I was hooked.  I love being able to lift my spirit or provide my body the boost it needs.  I have made it through some crazy stuff with the support of Young Living Essential Oils.  I love them so much that I started teaching classes and promoting the company.  I get a kickback for oils you purchase if you use my member number – that’s called marketing.  I could care less – Somewhere else in this site I’ll tell you about my favorite CSA (community supported agriculture) farm.  Maybe someday I’ll be on their payroll too 😉

When you are ready to explore how Essential oils fit into your life, call me.  Shoot me an email.  Let’s find time to talk.  You don’t know what you don’t know.

Take a class to learn more or take the leap of faith and buy a starter kit.  They are worth it and Young Living has a promise that is unmatched in the industry – they only sell the most pure oils, they guarantee it.  Already a YL Member?  Register to use the member only portion of this website!