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My first Pattern review…  Ahhhh…

The whole reason I started this blog was because I learned a lot on my very first real project.  I learned about sewing vinyl.  I learned about sewing bias tape.  I learned that fusible interfacing has some definite virtues. And, above all, I learned that the directions might be wrong.  That is why I am writing this.  Because I want to record all the things I learned so that no one else has to learn them the hard way…

The pattern:  Butterick B4476 – Fat Quarter Sewing Accessories – Project “F” Sewing organizer

Difficulty: Medium (in my mind)

Materials Needed: 10 different fabrics (I only used 4), Vinyl and Non-Fusible Fleece

Notions:  1/4 double fold bias tape, I used the same color for the whole project

The missing Info:

  • The envelope fails to mention the fabric needed.  You need 4 Fat quarters .
  • The envelope also fails to mention the vinyl.  54″, 1/4 yard
  • The instructions indicate the seam allowance is 5/8″ unless otherwise noted.  The pattern pieces all (every last one) show a 1/4 stitching line.  This was uncomfortable when I machine basted inside 5/8 on my vinyl.  not cool.
Some tips:
  • Don’t bother trying to find the grain on a fat quarter.  You won’t have any fabric left if you do. If you are curious, read this post on Coletterie about finding grain on fabric. Again, don’t bother for this project.  These little buggers aren’t cut on grain to start with and there isn’t enough fabric to try to correct for it.
  • The only thing stickier than Saran Wrap is craft vinyl.  When sewing vinyl, you need to keep it from sticking to the machine and the presser foot and itself and everything around it.  Seriously.  I put leftover pattern tissue scraps between mine and the machine to keep them from sticking to each other.
  • Cut your vinyl and interfacing a bit bigger and then trim it back after the pieces are sewn to the fabric.  There is not enough room to work inside the seam allowances if you don’t.
  • Consider using fusible fleece instead.  I think it would have been much better to have the fleece stay put while I worked.
  • Attach the bias tape “ribbon” (last step) to the back piece BEFORE putting the pieces together.  This will allow you to better secure it.
  • Consider how the finished product folds up when picking your material:
    • the top and bottom flaps fold in first (pieces 14)
    • the left and right flaps fold in over those (pieces 17)
    • pieces with fleece are the “outsides”
  • Consider adding snaps or velcro to keep your accessories in place in the finished product.
The finished organizer:

Closed and folded with top and bottom on the outside instead of left and right on the outside.

4 hours and project number 1 on the new machine is done!  It was a bit more intense than I expected but apparently I started with a hard project.  My next project will be much easier, a zippered bag…  

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