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I met with a chiropractor today. It was my first time and I was really pleased that I picked the office I picked. Dr. Boynton is focused on the whole body and looked at every piece of information I brought him. For those of you with the option, get a copy of your LUCY Record.

According to my primary physician’s office, the LUCY Record is:

… a portable copy of your allergies, medications, current health issues, procedures, test results, and immunizations from MyChart. You can put your Lucy record on a USB drive and take it with you to share with your other healthcare providers.

I printed mine and took it with me. Doc read it cover to cover. We talked about various test results and his concern with the use of the word “normal” to describe a range. With so many people in America not healthy, he explained, “normal isn’t good.” The average scores are terrible, medically speaking.  I plan to take additional reports with me next time I go in, showing historical numbers so that we can figure out what my normal is and how to get me to “optimum” instead of this current state of blob.

I am excited about having a new member of my healthcare team, especially one who listens to me and looks at the WHOLE me before deciding on a course of action.

If you are in Cincinnati, I recommend checking his website out and stopping in for a visit. Tell him I sent you!

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