I start a blog so I can keep track of my opinions and I have so many that I can’t decide where to start!  Do I start with Household goods and my eternal quest for cheaper, more environmentally friendly products for my home?  Maybe, I start with my thoughts on the apps I have purchased for my iPad, there are only about a hundred (or two) I have tried out so far.  Then there’s my Phone (which I love) and all the stuff I have added to it.  Maybe I go for the vacation tools I use most or helpful musings from a person going through post-op PT.  The options are endless…

So…  Let’s start with a list.  I am a technology fanatic.  I love new technology, both hardware and software.  I have:

  • a PC (more than one in the house)
  • Netbook (more than one of these here too)
  • an HP laptop (work’s)
  • an iPad 3 (16 GB, 4G)
  • Droid Razr Maxx (newest toy)
  • MP3/MP4 players
    • Creative Zen Vision M
    • iPod Nano 6
    • iPod Shuffle
    • and a few others that are 1st generation MP3s
I guess I will start with my philosophy on technology.  Don’t worry, in future posts you will get to see my thoughts on my iPad, my new dust mop and the super cool Gorilla Cart I mentioned in my first blog.  Oh yeah, no stone unturned :).
So, my thoughts on purchasing new technology are actually very conservative (thank you dad)  Nowthat terabyte drives are under $100, I am all about upgrading our PCs.  Before that, I was fine where I was.

Sharing and Backing up, information is important

I recently added a 1.5 TB drive to the main house PC.  This machine has a shared directory for everyone in the house to save to.  Sharing out the directory allows me to back up everyone’s critical files easily to an external drive.  The directory is shared with the wonderful new feature in Windows 7, Homegroups.  If you house is full of Windows 7 computers, I strongly recommend you ramp up the hard drive in one and share it this way. The hardest part is installing the drive.  Homegroups are simple…
It is, basically, peer to peer networking for normal people.  Don’t be afraid, try it out…

About Mandy

I love to dance, enjoy a glass of wine, ski and even run and work out. I enjoy spending time doing anything fun I can find to do. Explore and enjoy! My personal statement on my birthday last year... I promise to live, laugh and love. I know it will hurt sometimes, but I will no longer hide myself from things out of fear. Instead I will face them, and even embrace them as they will inevitably make me stronger. I will love, even where there may be no prospect of the return of love. I will laugh instead of cry. I will live, truly LIVE in the world I have around me, making sure to experience new things and people whenever possible. I will stop and smell the roses. I will let go of things that are not critical to life and will relax my expectations of the world.

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