Hangovers suck

Some of us, once in a while, make a bad decision or two (or four) when it comes to Vino.  Yeah, I may over indulge when it comes to a great glass (bottle) of wine.  What to now how I support my body  so that I keep from feeling yucky the next day?  

For what it’s worth, this is what sometimes works for me.  The only sure-fire way to keep from feeling like crap is to take care of yourself and not indulge in the first place.  If you do make a bad choice (or several) here’s my go to program:

WATER – lots of water.  Now I am not talking 10 gallons of water, seriously.  I am talking glass for glass.  If you drink a glass of alcohol, do your body a favor and drink a glass of water to match it.  This will do two things. First it will help keep you hydrated (1) and that’s important for a TON of reasons like, cognitive function, physical function, and even GI function (2).  Second, it will keep you full and busy and NOT drinking wine.  i know – dud – but it’s true.  Fill your belly with water to save some of the pain you will encounter from the wine.

When you don’t make it, and it happens, and you wake up feeling less than your normal million buck self, HYDRATE.  Yep, back at the water.  You might also want to try antioxidants.  The work for me, they may work for you.  Here’s my drill:

  • Veg Capsule with Young Living essential oils
    • 3 Drops Lavender (antioxidant (3))
    • 3 drops peppermint (supports health digestive system)
    • 3 drops lemon (antioxidant (4))
    • 3 drops grapefruit (antioxidant (4))
  • Shot of Ningxia Red

A round of the above and I feel like,



Not a million bucks, but better than before.

Disclaimers & Research

I am a distributor for Young Living.  I love their products.  I love the awareness of my world that being a Young Living Distributor has provided me.  If you see this page and you are not a Young Living member please know that I am sharing the above information as a personal testimonial and not as a sales tool.  The research I cited above is listed below.  Do yourself a favor, search and learn.   Check out the NIH site, there is a LOT about essential oils on that site.  Pretty amazing stuff.

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  2. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2908954/
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