About Chris

In May of 1978 I was born to a loving, hard-working mother. She is an inspiration to me–how she was able to get by in life, how she was able to find her balance in work and life as a single mother I will probably never know. Where I fit into this Universe was/is a constant, nagging question–as well as what my contribution to it can be, should be, or will be.  Finding my ‘Center’ has always been evasive and after college I had all but given up the search.

I began the search again after I met my better half, Mandy (owner, operator and originator of this site). She provides emotional shelter for me everyday but also pushes me to find what really drives me in this world, how to effectively pursue the desires I have and how to best help others in this life. Through hiking, meditation, social gatherings (I was pretty much a shut-in before I met her), and anything else we can fit into our lives, she has aided me in achieving true balance in my life. No longer is my Work Life summed up as Monday-Friday and my Personal Life summed up as Saturday-Sunday. Now, every single day has both (even though they still compete for dominance!). She is my inspiration and with this site I hope to help others to find their ‘Center’ as well!