Or… Comments and reviews on the things I use!

I was inspired to start this blog by my mom.  I know, really?  In this day and age, an IT professional is inspired to write a blog by her mom?  Yep.  You should check out her blog (http://sew-psychic.blogspot.com), if you aren’t inspired after reading it, you should at least be in a better mood!  Her blog is full of whimsical insights to the world around her and is a treat to read. 

I was working in the yard last week, trying to get mulch spread before my knee surgery and was chuckling about my mom’s post about risotto.  “Seriously,” I thought, “I’d love to have the time and energy to put my thoughts on down in writing like she is.  I just really don’t… MAN!  This is the BEST yard cart EVER!”  (Yes, I get distracted pretty easily.)  Within 30 minutes, I had posted a couple of pictures to facebook and texted my sister about my awesome new cart.  When I returned to thinking about my mom’s blog, I realized I had an opinion to share about things I try and like (or don’t) and advice to offer to the rest of the world.  With that, my blog purpose was born.

Of course, my mom is in that stage in life where she can (and will) tell people what she thinks.  She is  perfectly ok with the sharing information and thoughts with people around her and really is not concerned with whether they listen or not.  She is pretty well over that!  Take it or leave it, she has at least warned you!  Me? I am in a much more “practical” stage in my life.  If I am going to take the time to share information, you had better be willing to receive it.  That being said, I probably need avoid  philosophical topics and stick to things that are more practical like what I think of my new lawn cart and how I plan to go to go on a very inexpensive yet thoroughly enjoyable vacation this summer.  I’ll share things I learn like how and when to fertilize a lawn and just exactly how big a “scoop” of mulch really is.

Hopefully, in the process of sharing information about things I try, I will give someone the insight they need to go forward with a decision in life.  My blogs will probably be related to mundane things like my iPad and computers, house maintenance & tools, travel on the cheap and taking pictures.  All of these things I enjoy and when I try something new, I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, I have a lot to learn about the art of blogging.  Thankfully, my mom can still teach me a thing or two. 🙂

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I love to dance, enjoy a glass of wine, ski and even run and work out. I enjoy spending time doing anything fun I can find to do. Explore and enjoy! My personal statement on my birthday last year... I promise to live, laugh and love. I know it will hurt sometimes, but I will no longer hide myself from things out of fear. Instead I will face them, and even embrace them as they will inevitably make me stronger. I will love, even where there may be no prospect of the return of love. I will laugh instead of cry. I will live, truly LIVE in the world I have around me, making sure to experience new things and people whenever possible. I will stop and smell the roses. I will let go of things that are not critical to life and will relax my expectations of the world. https://www.findingcenter.me/about-us/about-mandy-short-version/

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