I met with a chiropractor today. It was my first time and I was really pleased that I picked the office I picked. Dr. Boynton is focused on the whole body and looked at every piece of information I brought him. For those of you with the option, get a […]

Chiropractic & Whole Health

Chris’s allergies are going NUTS today!  In an attempt to shift his body from thinking about the pollen to something else – we diffused: Lavender (5) Bergamot (3) Lemon (1) Cypress (1) Peppermint (1) MMMMMMM…. Good stuff! Check out my thoughts on Young Living …

Spring Diffuser Blend

Mindfully Enjoying Essential oils If you are interested in exploring what Young Living essential oils can offer, feel free to message me for an invitation to an upcoming class.

So in the last 5 months I have taken a major initiative to clean up my life.  I have changed my eating habits including where my food comes from; my cleaning habits, including the products I use; and my attitude regarding my health, including my expectations of the professionals that […]

Living above the Line – Making the choice to be ...

So, the apron project is complete… It only took 2 weeks and an extra 1.5 yards of fabric, but it is done!   The whole process was delayed slightly by the need to redesign the sewing area – which is done!  I’ll write about that later… For the project itself, […]

The Apron Project (B5125 – Apron)

My first Pattern review…  Ahhhh…The whole reason I started this blog was because I learned a lot on my very first real project.  I learned about sewing vinyl.  I learned about sewing bias tape.  I learned that fusible interfacing has some definite virtues. And, above all, I learned that the directions […]

Butterick B4476 – Fat Quarter Sewing Accessories

Ok – so my first endeavor in pattern buying for fun occurred in a post surgery anesthesia haze.  The day after some minor surgery my mother, who came to town to take care of me, announced that she would like to visit a specialty fabric store in town.  Since we […]

Why I care about Patterns…

Sew, here I am starting another new journey – I have a lot of those in my life.  This blog will highlight and capture the things I learn about sewing, my thoughts and reviews of patterns and anything else I come up with about being a crafty girl.  I have […]

And sew it goes – a new journey

I start a blog so I can keep track of my opinions and I have so many that I can’t decide where to start!  Do I start with Household goods and my eternal quest for cheaper, more environmentally friendly products for my home?  Maybe, I start with my thoughts on […]


I was inspired to start this blog by my mom.  I know, really?  In this day and age, an IT professional is inspired to write a blog by her mom?  Yep.  You should check out her blog (http://sew-psychic.blogspot.com), if you aren’t inspired after reading it, you should at least be […]

Or… Comments and reviews on the things I use!