Reiki 101

I went to a class on Reiki last night – interesting stuff.  The presenter was Frans Steine, author of “The Inner Heart of Reiki” and he was a great presenter to say the least.

My exposure to Reiki started a whopping 2 weeks ago when I received my first “hands on” from the amazing Maria Kammerer.  I cannot begin to describe what it feels like, I can only say that it is kind of a happy completeness.

From what I have been able to learn in my very short amount time being aware of it – Reiki is about being aware of the light and energy that we each carry with us; making sure that it is not covered up with anger, worry or ego; and allowing it to exude from our being through compassion (including compassion for ourselves).  Those who are practiced in this awareness can share their energy and light with others – or, more accurately, encourage the light and energy of another to come to the surface.

Pretty amazing stuff.  I feel it every day.  I had a man tell me how beautiful my smile was a few weeks ago, no one I knew, just a guy walking out of Panera as I walked in.  Seriously – I almost skipped inside.  I was glowing and smiling and happy.  He may not have known it, but he was letting his Reiki out and I was grateful for it. I need to let mine out more often.


About Mandy

I love to dance, enjoy a glass of wine, ski and even run and work out. I enjoy spending time doing anything fun I can find to do. Explore and enjoy! My personal statement on my birthday last year... I promise to live, laugh and love. I know it will hurt sometimes, but I will no longer hide myself from things out of fear. Instead I will face them, and even embrace them as they will inevitably make me stronger. I will love, even where there may be no prospect of the return of love. I will laugh instead of cry. I will live, truly LIVE in the world I have around me, making sure to experience new things and people whenever possible. I will stop and smell the roses. I will let go of things that are not critical to life and will relax my expectations of the world.