Rules of the transition game

I’ve read a number of books in my day, self improvement books, wellness books, management books and after each one I come away with the same feeling… That was a nice set of stories and analogies, but what do I DO?  Seriously, what action do I take, right now, to course correct?

You see, I am an experiential learner. I learn from the experience itself not from reading about it or hypothesizing about it, really getting muddy in it.  I want a book that says -hey! Now go do “x” to figure this out for you!  If you know of one, point me in the right direction – would ya?

In the meantime let’s take the journey together, sound good?  We’ll map out ideas, practical tips for getting balance, share them, mash them up and then figure out how (or if) they apply to our lives.

Of course there need to be rules, a set of expectations we have going into this relationship – here are mine.  If you have others I should consider let me know – I’m not afraid to update a post 🙂

  1. Love yourself. Period. You are really awesome, I promise.  There may be a layer of muck you picked up along the way that is preventing you from seeing it, just go with it being there and realize that it may take time to scrape off that gunk to see the real you.
  2. Question EVERYTHING. Not in that obnoxious teenage “oh yeah? Prove it!” way, though. I am talking about looking at something from every side, really taking it all in and examining how some or all of it might fit in your world.  If it is uncomfortable, maybe it is because you don’t understand it fully…
  3. Eliminate BUT.  Seriously, no more.  The word “but” negates everything that comes before it.  “I love that outfit, but …” says I really don’t love that outfit.
  4. Enjoy the experience.  For real, if you aren’t enjoying yourself, you are miserable or at the very least indifferent. Stop.  I want you to like what I write, if you don’t it is ok to stop reading now.
  5. Remember that everyone, EVERYONE, has felt pain. I could tell you about the sadness and suffering in my life in an attempt to illustrate something, I even might. Just remember that the facts in my life shaped me and the emotion I have attached to them is my own.  Half of you would be thinking ” wow, you poor thing” and the other half would be thinking “really? You think you had problems? Girl get a clue! I’ve got that beat!”  Ok, I get it, shit happens. Mine hurt. Yours hurts. Let’s move on and not compare bruises.  Ok?
  6. I am neutral.  I love that you have devout spiritual beliefs, or that you don’t. I have friends who are vegans, friend who are paleo, and friends who keep the snack industry in business.  I am good with whatever you believe, I just ask that you keep your mind open. Just a side note here, many of my posts will refer to prayer, if that’s not your gig call it something else, call it dreaming your new life, call it manifesting, whatever works for you.
  7. Keep it positive. Longing brings awareness to lack. Statements about life, desire and goals need to be in the positive. “I love cooking in a well equipped and open kitchen.” sends a different message than “my kitchen is tiny and lacking in every way. I hate cooking in it.”  Ick. Typing that made me feel dirty.

Thanks for joining me on the balance beam of life 🙂

Wonderfully Wobbly Me

About Mandy

I love to dance, enjoy a glass of wine, ski and even run and work out. I enjoy spending time doing anything fun I can find to do. Explore and enjoy! My personal statement on my birthday last year... I promise to live, laugh and love. I know it will hurt sometimes, but I will no longer hide myself from things out of fear. Instead I will face them, and even embrace them as they will inevitably make me stronger. I will love, even where there may be no prospect of the return of love. I will laugh instead of cry. I will live, truly LIVE in the world I have around me, making sure to experience new things and people whenever possible. I will stop and smell the roses. I will let go of things that are not critical to life and will relax my expectations of the world.

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