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Ok – so my first endeavor in pattern buying for fun occurred in a post surgery anesthesia haze.  The day after some minor surgery my mother, who came to town to take care of me, announced that she would like to visit a specialty fabric store in town.  Since we were out anyway (I had to get a hair cut, you see) and we were on the right side of town, I insisted we head over.  Probably wasn’t the best idea since I really should have been resting and it ended up costing me several hundred dollars… I digress…

So we headed over to Banasch’s Fabrics on Red Bank Road.  It was there I found hundreds of patterns on sale.  Who can resist a pattern on sale for 99 cents, right?  So what if I hate my sewing machine?  So what if I really don’t like to sew?  You are TOTALLY missing the point!  A deal is a deal!  So I bought patterns.  Twenty of them. It sounded like a good idea. 

And, when I got home, I bought a new sewing machine on Amazon.  Yep, a Brother CS6000i.  Check it out on Amazon for the specs… http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000JQM1DE

I love the machine.

It has a speed control so I don’t go racing across my fabric.  It has 60 stitches.  It is super simple to wind a bobbin (it pretty much is on every machine), super simple to thread the bobbin (a bit harder on some machines) and super easy to thread the machine (ok, that’s a test).  It came with 9, yes NINE, accessory feet. One of which is a walking foot!  Ok, I don’t even know how cool that is yet, but my mom said it was a great deal and I believe her.

If you missed it on the previous post, there it is again. I believe I may have to order special bobbins to go with it.  It came with 4, but I will be ordering more.  It was worth it.

Then I went shopping. I bought new scissors. I bought a seam ripper which I have used more than the scissors already. I bought a transfer wheel and paper. I bought pins.  All of which I already had, but new is better than old and I wanted to start out right.  Plus, who knows where that stuff is?

I got out the quilting mat and rotary cutter I bought YEARS ago and now use for scrapbooking.  I rearranged the craft drawers to make space for sewing materials and supplies.

And then the flood gates opened.  I went out and bought fabric and notions. Lots of fabric and notions. I became the queen of the remnant and sale table.  I set up the ironing board in a place of honor…  I washed and dried and ironed and ironed some more.

I got ready. And then, I began to sew.  

I forgot what obsession felt like…

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  • Jackie Goff

    What a great blog! You write so well and photos. . .what more can I say! Yes, obsession is the right word. Seeing something go from a group of tiny, flat threads into a purse, garment, accessory, is truly magical. Will be watching your progress and sharing your new interest. Love, Mom