Wow – 2018 was an amazing mix of WHAT JUST HAPPENED? We started the year in style, Roaring 20s style, with some amazing friends and a double blackjack on a split on double aces.  That should have been my sign that everything great was going to come in twos this […]

2018 – Year in Review

In honor of my sister, who is a few weeks out from her first baby, I thought I’d post some Awesome information for mom’s and babies.  I’ll update with recipes you can print in the next few days! Interested in getting started with Young Living?  I recommend starting with a Premium […]

Explore Essential oils for Babies and Moms-to-Be

I’ve read a number of books in my day, self improvement books, wellness books, management books and after each one I come away with the same feeling… That was a nice set of stories and analogies, but what do I DO?  Seriously, what action do I take, right now, to course […]

Rules of the transition game

So this weekend I had quite the meltdown.  I won’t go into the gory details, you’ve all seen it at least once in your life… middle-aged woman realizes she is a lousy friend (and has lost a bunch because of it); is overcome by the magnitude of changing internet providers […]

How Time Flys

For all the dudes that think essential oils are just for the ladies – check in on this…  

Essential Oils for Dudes

Before you get started, you need to understand what Essential Oils are, how to identify quality, and how to determine what oils work best for you.  The links below will take you to two different presentations of the Essential Oils 101 class.  This class covers the topics above and will also […]

Essential Oils 101

Check out “Get Silky Soft Skin! With Our Oatmeal Bath Soak with Lavender Oil” by Young Living on Vimeo. The video is available for your viewing pleasure at If you like this video, make sure you share it, too! For the original Post… Mandy

Check out “Get Silky Soft Skin! With Our Oatmeal Bath ...

I don’t have much time to write today as I am preparing for the Women’s Health Expo in Cincinnati.  Still, wanted to get links to some “must see/must read” wellness/awareness information available online: Hormone disruptors (part 1) Hormone disruptors (part 2) Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the […]

Resources you need to know about

Some of us, once in a while, make a bad decision or two (or four) when it comes to Vino.  Yeah, I may over indulge when it comes to a great glass (bottle) of wine.  What to now how I support my body  so that I keep from feeling yucky the next […]

Hangovers suck

My life has taken a new Tack, you might say.  In the last few months I have become aware of how many chemicals enter my body through various means.  Some I invite in and others I get from my environment.  Because of this I stopped, re-evaluated everything.  I did research and […]

Welcome to the new me

I went to a class on Reiki last night – interesting stuff.  The presenter was Frans Steine, author of “The Inner Heart of Reiki” and he was a great presenter to say the least. My exposure to Reiki started a whopping 2 weeks ago when I received my first “hands on” […]

Reiki 101

Know anyone who is working hard to make healthier choices in their life?  I know one young man who is clearing out some bad habits and wanted something tasty to chew on.  I made these awesome toothpicks using Young Living Essential Oils and mouthwash.  He loves them!

Cinnamon & Pepper Toothpicks

So, as you know, I am in hot pursuit of a healthier life. That means reconsidering all of the products we use in our home. Today’s highlight is my new eye liner and shadow from Moody Sisters. I ordered it on Friday and here it is! Not only is it […]

Makeup options for the mindful life

I met with a chiropractor today. It was my first time and I was really pleased that I picked the office I picked. Dr. Boynton is focused on the whole body and looked at every piece of information I brought him. For those of you with the option, get a […]

Chiropractic & Whole Health